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Anti air Camcoder from sanyo

Anti air Camcoder from sanyo
Sanyo offers a camcorder with the concept of dual camera Xacti through. One tool but can shoot photos and record video with high quality.Xacti VPC-VPC-WH1 and CA9 - thus the name of the product - a dual camera which is intended to take a vacation. Therefore, the ability waterproof (water resistant) which has not only weather-resistant than but also can record in the water.

From the written information received ITGazine, Saturday (26/12/2009), both have received IPX8 rating (full water submersion) based on JIS C 0920 Waterproofing guidelines. Both products also have HD cameras bearing the title of the world's first waterproof.In addition to recording, the VPC-specific models can target CA9 photos with 9 megapixel resolution and optical zoom 5. While VPC-WH1 equipped with a 30x optical zoom and can produce images with a resolution of 2 megapixels. This feature also allows VPC-WH1 produces video with high definition quality.

Other features that complement this camera is Reverse Sequential photo to get the best picture of a moment that can not be repeated. Motion Correction function (anti-shake) and Face Chaser can also be found on this new product. Model PVC-WH1 allows you to record up to 200 minutes.
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Spesifikasi Sony Ericsson U51i

Spesifikasi Sony Ericsson U51i
After the release Satio and Aino, Sony Ericsson (SE) reportedly was preparing new ammunition. Newer mobile phone which is also dirumorkan U Series family, which is U51i.The arrival of Sony Ericsson U51i digadang will not be staying much longer would soon present alias. Another rumor said that this phone is also another version of which will be circulated Kurara in the United States market.The reason quoted from Techtree, Monday (28/12/2009), U51i own name has appeared in a document in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).In the document mentioned that U51i will be sold in the United States first. Timing? there is still no clarity.Furthermore say, the name 'i' here is the original name of the SE, the same as a previous phone, K700i, S700i, P900i. However until now Sony Ericsson's own party still do not provide certainty about this phone .

Previously, Sony Ericsson has issued a U-series phone, named Satio (U1) and Aino (U10). Seeing the needs of the mobile device seems
touch screen feature will be there in U51i.
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Harga Google Nexus One

Harga Google Nexus One
Finally Google phone specification data - Nexus One - the busy talking about a lot of people were caught, too. Is Android phone berprosesor 1 Ghz is really going to be a formidable opponent in the smart phone market? Check the specifications.

Leakage of Nexus specification data is obtained detikINET one of Techtree, Monday (28/12/2009). This leak came just after some time ago 'sightings' for phone had already circulating on the Internet.

Yes, Google is still not officially revealed how the champion phone display. So far, the picture appearance in circulation is still limited to the back of the Nexus One.

Then if the specifications of this mobile brings a new surprise? The answer is no! Because the feature was carried Nexus One was not much different from the 'brothers' who have their first Android operating system, such as HTC besutan. Whereas previously the news scene heralded Google makes consumers think that Google would issue something new on the cell phone.

With Android OS 2.1 and faster processors Qualcom Snapdragon (QSD 8250) 1 Ghz speed, hopefully this phone not too disappointing consumers. Here are some data on Google's specifications Nexus One:

- Touch screen 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED
- HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 2Mbps
- 3 color LED notification
- Haptic Feedback
- Akselorometer
- Sensor Light
- Proximity Sensor
- Digital Compass
- WiFi
- 3.5 mm audio Jack
- Active noise cancellation
- 5MP Camera, dengaan autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging and 2x digital zoom
- Stereo Bluetooth 2.1
- 512 MB RAM
- Battery 1400mAh

Nexus One himself rumored to be circulating in the United States market starting January 5, 2010. Google now have their own Android device that not only would challenge the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phone users. Android users but also others such as HTC and Motorola Droid Hero. Let's see the fight he said in 2010.
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cara ngeflash handphone

Cara ngeflash handphone
Cara ngeflash handphone - how to Flash handphone? nokia mobile phone reset.

sometimes we often mengahadapi problems posel or phone us, like a virus, or phone us lemot or home files structure was breaking up. ever to address the problem I have some solutions which itself is an experience on my N70 Hanphone recent lemot like a virus and, after a review of nokia nokia discussions & help & support and I tried myself and the results are satisfactory. As for the steps we need to do is:

1. The first step we must do is turn off our mobile phones.
2. Remove the MMC or memory card if any, so that existing data is not lost dimemory card.
3. Replace your SIM card in case anyone's phone number yg tau disimcard go missing there, but if not replaced nor what
4. Ensure that our mobile phone battery is fully charged.
5. Press the keypad buttons simultaneously following the keypad buttons: 3 (angka3), * (star button), call (call button or ok button) and the on / off your mobile phone.
6. Hold the button to exit text formatting, or to exit the menu Time Zone area for nokia N70
7. After exit the menu, release the buttons and let the process run.
8. Once the process is completed then your mobile phone is like a new phone again.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Control Freek FPS Freek review

Control Freek FPS Freek
Control Freek FPS Freek
Control Freek FPS Freek
The FPS Freek by Kontrol Freek is a baby adapter for the Xbox 360 or PS3 ambassador that helps players aim added absolutely in aboriginal being shooters or FPS games. There’s a Speed adapter too for antagonism games.

The FPS Freek snaps on to the top of the ambassador sticks so your thumbs accept to physically move added to accomplish the aforementioned in-game movement. This is declared to advice aback you appetite to accomplish baby authentic movements, abnormally advantageous aback aiming at a baby abroad abstracts in a ballista such as Modern Warfare 2. From the blurb on the artefact page,

The added analog stick breadth provides 40% added beeline ambit from abounding stop to stop. This gives you added advantage and added attention after advancing your accustomed gaming arena feel.

I’ve been application it for a anniversary and while my gaming has bigger a accomplished lot, it was convalescent any way because I was accepting bigger with practice. I don’t anticipate you’re activity to see a affecting advance in your gaming by application the FPS Freek.

I approved accretion the acuteness of the controller, cerebration that the added advantage of the thumbstick would advice but it absolutely didn’t, and I anticipate it’s aback at 3 in MW2 now. At that acuteness I can aim adequately well. With a silenced Scar-H I was able to accomplish a few kills at the added ancillary of Highrise, but on the added hand, a abroad below enemy-in-waiting in Estate attempt me while I attempted to aim at him.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Specification LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless)

Specification  LG enV Touch
Specification  LG enV Touch
Specification  LG enV Touch
Specification  LG enV Touch
The good: The LG enV Touch has two beautiful displays, a nice touch-screen interface, and a great QWERTY keyboard. It has impressive features, such as a 3.2-megapixel camera, EV-DO Rev. A, and a full HTML Web browser.

The bad: The LG enV Touch's touch-screen interface could use some refinement, and the Web browser experience is not as smooth as we would like. Visual Voice Mail and corporate e-mail cost additional monthly fees. The lack of Wi-Fi is disappointing.

The bottom line: The LG enV Touch's combination of great design and top-notch features makes it one of the top Verizon Wireless phones we've ever seen.
Description: Specification LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: dev ItemReviewed: Specification LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless)

Review The LG Shine II

The LG Shine II
The LG Shine II
The LG Shine II
The LG Shine II
The good: The LG Shine II has an attractive, sturdy design and a bright display. The feature set is functional, streaming-video quality is admirable, and the speakerphone is loud.

The bad: The LG Shine II's controls and keypad aren't very intuitive and the signal strength was somewhat patchy.

The bottom line: The LG Shine II isn't a top-notch performer, but its sturdy metal build and broad feature set will attract some people.
Description: Review The LG Shine II Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: dev ItemReviewed: Review The LG Shine II

Spec RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 (AT&T)

Spec  RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700
Spec  RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700
Spec  RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700
The good: The RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 features a sleeker design than its predecessor and adds a 3.5mm headphone jack, a responsive optical trackpad, and an extra-sharp display. The smartphone is fast and offers the full range of wireless options and robust messaging capabilities.

The bad: The BlackBerry browser lags behind the competition in terms of usability and features. You can only download apps to the phone's main memory.

The bottom line: Though Web browsing is not its forte, the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 is one of the most powerful and best messaging smartphones in AT&T's lineup.
Description: Spec RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 (AT&T) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: dev ItemReviewed: Spec RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 (AT&T)

Review spec Apple iPhone 3GS - 32GB - black (AT&T)

spec Apple iPhone 3GS
spec Apple iPhone 3GS
spec Apple iPhone 3GS
spec Apple iPhone 3GS
The good: The iPhone 3GS finally adds common cell phone features like multimedia messaging, video recording, and voice dialing. It runs faster; its promised battery life is longer; and the multimedia quality continues to shine.

The bad: The iPhone 3GS' call quality shows no improvements and the 3G signal reception remains uneven. We still don't get Flash Lite, USB transfer and storage, or multitasking.

The bottom line: The iPhone 3GS doesn't make the same grand leap that the iPhone 3G made from the first-generation model, but the latest Apple handset is still a compelling upgrade for some users. The iPhone 3GS is faster and we appreciate the new features and extended battery life, but call quality and 3G reception still need improvement.


* Product Type Smartphone With digital camera / digital player
* Service Provider AT&T
* Width 2.4 in
* Depth 0.5 in
* Height 4.6 in
* Weight 4.8 oz
* Body Color Black


* Technology WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
* Band WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
* Phone Design Candy bar
* Antenna Internal
* Polyphonic Ringer Yes
* Call Timer Yes
* Conference Call Capability Yes
* Speakerphone Yes
* Wireless Interface IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11g , Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
* Additional Features aGPS , Integrated digital compass

Communicator Features

* Operating System OS X
* User Memory 32 GB

Messaging & Data Services

* Mobile Email Yes
* Supported Email Protocols POP3 , IMAP4
* GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Yes
* EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates For Global Evolution) Yes
* Internet Browser Yes
* HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) Yes
* Messaging / Data Features PDF support , Microsoft Word support , Microsoft Excel support

Multimedia Features

* Playback Digital Video Formats H.264 , MPEG-4

Digital Camera

* Camera highlights With a resolution of 3 megapixels, this camera phone will give you higher quality pictures than other phones.
* Sensor Resolution 3 megapixels
* Focus Adjustment Automatic
* Video Recorder Resolutions 640 x 480 (VGA)
* Features Geo-tagging , Video recording

GPS System

* GPS Navigation GPS receiver


* Calendar Yes
* Calculator Basic


* Type LCD display
* Technology TFT
* Display Resolution 320 x 480 pixels
* Diagonal Size 3.5 in
* Color Support Color
* Display Illumination Color White

Digital Player (Recorder)

* Supported Digital Audio Standards AAC , MP3 , WAV , AIFF , Apple Lossless


* Internal Shared Memory Yes
* Flash Memory 32 GB


* Connector Type 1 x Headset jack - Mini-phone 3.5 mm


* Included Accessories Hands-free headset
* Cables Included USB cable


* Type Power adapter


* Technology - Lithium ion
* Talk Time Up to 600 min
* Standby Time Up to 300 h Description: Review spec Apple iPhone 3GS - 32GB - black (AT&T) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: dev ItemReviewed: Review spec Apple iPhone 3GS - 32GB - black (AT&T)

Steve Job and Apple Innovation

Steve Jobs bring apple to the front of technology.Apple managed to grow and profit in 2009 despite the global recession dragging on the economy. Although pundits questioned whether the company would be able to maintain competitive momentum during CEO Steve Jobs’ six-month sick leave, the company continued to post strong quarterly numbers for product lines such as the iPhone 3GS, the Mac line and the iPod. In 2010, Apple plans to expand its retail footprint and may release a much-rumored tablet PC. The following presentation hits some of the high and low points of Apple’s 2009, from product launches to the return of Steve Jobs.
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Coolest Clock Ever

This clock does not actually have a man inside but a flatscreen that plays a 24 hour loop of this video by the artist watching his own clock somewhere and painstakingly erasing and re-writing each minute. This video was taken at Design Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2009. A3 Network is a group
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Top 10 quirky science tricks for Christmas parties

This is top 10 quirky science tricks for Christmas parties

For more quirky science visit, Prof Richard Wiseman's daily blog. Description: Top 10 quirky science tricks for Christmas parties Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: sms ItemReviewed: Top 10 quirky science tricks for Christmas parties

Google Quantum

Quantum computing has long dangled the possibility of superfast, super-efficient processing, and now search giant Google has jumped on board that future. New Scientist reports that Google has spent the past three years developing a quantum algorithm that can automatically recognize and sort objects from still images or video. The promise of quantum computing rests with the bizarre physics that occurs at the subatomic level. Different research teams have worked on creating quantum processors that store information as qubits (quantum bits), which can represent both the 1 and 0 of binary computer language at the same time. That dual possibility state allows for much more efficient processing and information storage. To take an example cited by Google, a classical computer might need 500,000 peeks on average to find a ball hidden somewhere within a million drawers. But a quantum computer could find the ball by just looking into 1,000 drawers — a nice little stunt known as Grover's algorithm. Google has been using a quantum computing device created by D-Wave, a Canadian firm. But a lack of information about how D-Wave's chip works has led to outside skepticism regarding whether it does indeed count as a quantum computer. "Unfortunately, it is not easy to demonstrate that a multi-qubit system such as the D-Wave chip indeed exhibits the desired quantum behavior and experimental physicists from various institutions are still in the process of characterizing the chip," wrote Hartmut Neven, head of Google's image recognition team, on the Google research blog. Whatever D-Wave built has apparently worked for Google. Neven described a new algorithm based on the work of MIT that can sort images of cars from among 20,000 photos faster than anything running in a Google data center today — although the team first trained the algorithm by hand-labeling cars in a test photo batch. Google's image recognition team has previously made its algorithms work for better online image searches and automatic photo organization. Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that the Google folk have also delved into quantum computing, or at least something much faster than existing classical computing. Description: Google Quantum Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: sms ItemReviewed: Google Quantum

Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Setup A Linux Dialup Connection (Wireless Modem HUAWEI ETS2551)

Setup A Linux Dialup Connection(Wireless Modem HUAWEI ETS2551)

Use it at Your Own Risk

This guide is useful for setting Wireless Modem HUAWEI ETS2551 dialup connection provided by PTCL in Pakistan or with any other service provider in any other Country (Just u can try). Can be set on HUAWEI ETS2051/2251 . But not tested on them. OK
Hardware Requirements

* USB/Serial Cable.
* ETS2551 Huawei modem.

System Requirements

* Linux with kernel above 2.6.** (Check it by command in console uname -a).
(Personally Tested on Suse 10.1 and FC5 with ETS2551)

Let's Start

It is well assumed that Linux is up on your system and your USB/Serial cable is plugged in.
Now in console type command dmesg -c search for the following lines

ti_usb_3410_5052 1-1:2.0: TI USB 3410 1 port adapter converter detected
usb 1-1: TI USB 3410 1 port adapter converter now attached to /dev/ttyUSB0

If u even see ttyUSB0 in the kernel message then also your modem is detected and you are ready to start,now just configure your wvdial.conf in /etc and start your dialup.

If not then possibly u will be seeing the following error messages in bundle but i will paste only two lines here.

ti_usb_3410_5052 1-1:1.0: TI USB 3410 1 port adapter converter detected

ti_usb_3410_5052: probe of 1-1:1.0 failed with error -5

Hello My Friends : ===> Note that the problem is only the USB/Serial Cable not the HUAEWI modem OK.

Now we have to make one rule file in /etc/udev/rules.d/026_ti_usb_3410.rules .In console login as a root


password *****

cd /etc/udev/rules.d/

vi 026_ti_usb_3410.rules (Now Paste the following lines in it)

#TI USB 3410

SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device" ACTION=="add" SYSFS{idVendor}=="0451",SYSFS{idProduct}=="3410" \

SYSFS{bNumConfigurations}=="2" \

SYSFS{bConfigurationValue}=="1" \

RUN+="/bin/sh -c 'echo 2 > /sys%p/device/bConfigurationValue'"


Now once again plug out ur USB/Serial cable and then plugin.

Again type dmesg -c in console

Check the kernel message and find the following line

ti_usb_3410_5052 1-1:2.0: TI USB 3410 1 port adapter converter detected
usb 1-1: TI USB 3410 1 port adapter converter now attached to /dev/ttyUSB0

CONGRATULATIONS it is finally done.

Now edit your /etc/wvdial.conf (Mine as a Sample below working fine)

My /etc/wvdial.conf

[Dialer ptcl]

Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0

Baud = 230400

Phone = #777

Init1 = ATZ

Stupid Mode = 1

Dial Command = ATDT

Username =

Password = ptcl

PPPD Options = crtcts multilink usepeerdns lock defaultroute

Important Note: Stupid Mode should be set to 1 otherwise the hash sign # with Dialing phone number will not be treated by wvdial. OK.


When u will connect to ptcl with wvdial ptcl command as a root , it will not browse any page and will disconnect.

You have to set the nameserver in the /etc/resolv.conf .You can get the nameserver IPs from the terminal window when wvdial is trying to connect to your ISP.

Put those two nameserver in /etc/reslov.conf.

Now again as a root in console wvdial ptcl. .
Description: How to Setup A Linux Dialup Connection (Wireless Modem HUAWEI ETS2551) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: dev ItemReviewed: How to Setup A Linux Dialup Connection (Wireless Modem HUAWEI ETS2551)

Cool Motorola Droid Ads Hit Europe

Cool Motorola Droid Ads Hit Europe

  • The Droid is coming to Europe with a much less appealing name: the Milestone.

    The ads are equally boring, we think: this one, posted to Motorola’s YouTube channel, promotes an “immersive web experience”, “cinematic quality” and other yawners.

    What you won’t get: explosions, alien invasions, or even the Droid’s demonic eye of doom. Sorry, fellow Europeans, looks like we missed out this time.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Canon EOS 7D (body only)

Canon basically ceded the entry-level pro performance market to Nikon in 2005 with the arrival of the D200; since then, Canon's 30D, 40D, and 50D have taken the slower but less-expensive road, with a relatively stagnant AF system, that Nikon leapfrogged. But with entirely new AF and metering systems, a new high-resolution eight-channel readout sensor coupled with dual Digic 4 image processors and a new 100 percent coverage viewfinder, plus 1080p video capture, the 7D looks like an aggressive attempt to make a comeback.

In addition to a body-only version, Canon sells the 7D in a kit with the 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS lens (44.8-216mm equivalent). I'm not really fond of it, though, and if you're looking for a starter kit, I'd recommend the newer 15-85mm f3.6-5.6 IS USM lens (28.8-136mm equivalent) instead. It's a lot more expensive and a bit shorter, but I think it's a significantly better lens.

One of the heavier single-grip dSLRs available, there are no radical design departures in the 7D but there are tons of subtle, and a few conspicuous, interface changes that greatly enhance the fluidity of the camera's operation. The new viewfinder is great, comparable with that of the D300s: big and bright, with an optional overlay grid. It's also slightly more comfortable than the D300s' because of the larger eyecup. (Since I didn't get to take the camera to Antarctica to test its weather sealing, cold resistance and ruggedness, I'd follow Ole Jørgen Lioden's testing on that, if you're interested.)

Adding to its traditional array of buttons for metering, white balance, autofocus, drive mode, ISO sensitivity, and flash compensation the 7D now includes an M-Fn button used to cycle through the AF point options, plus Canon brings the LCD illumination button into action for registering the orientation-linked AF points. Unfortunately, the buttons are very difficult to differentiate by feel, and the M-Fn and illumination buttons are even smaller and harder to use than the others. Following trends in consumer dSLR design, the 7D now also has an interactive control panel for changing frequently accessed settings, called up with the Q button. Though I generally prefer buttons and switches for quick access, the control panel is ultimately easier to use than trying to differentiate between the small buttons on the top of the camera without looking.

Canon consolidated the screen for programming the behavior of the buttons and dials with a visual guide as to where they reside on the body. It's a very nice design.

By adding a specific switch with start/stop button for Live View and Movie capture modes, Canon removed a lot of the operational ambiguity of the 5D Mark II (where you have to have a custom setting enabled just to trigger Live View, for example), and allows the Playback button to function normally, unlike the D300s. It definitely adds to the usability of these modes. More subtle enhancements include an updated switch for the thumbwheel lock and the odd addition of a silver ring on the thumbwheel. The joystick remains unchanged, but I think its design could've stood some tweaking; it's still a bit too easy to accidentally push up when you're trying to go left or right.
Description: Canon EOS 7D (body only) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: xcodex ItemReviewed: Canon EOS 7D (body only)

Touch-screen smartphones

Smartphones with touch screens certainly aren't new; we've seen them on Palm, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices for years. But what has changed is the way we interact with them. Before, touch screens served as an easy and convenient way to perform simple tasks like opening and closing applications and switching between menus. However, with the introduction of handsets like the HTC Touch and the Apple iPhone, we are seeing (and expect) touch screens to perform more advanced functions.vertu-ascent-ti-damascus-steel-luxury-cell-phoneHTC Touch

You can now zoom in and out of Web pages with the pinch of your finger, and drag and drop icons to customize your Home screen. And it's not just HTC and Apple; more and more cell phone manufacturers, including Palm and Samsung, are jumping on the bandwagon and developing new touch interfaces that let you interact with your smartphone in a totally different way. Touch-screen smartphones certainly aren't for everyone, but if you're in the market for one, here are six of the hottest models today. Description: Touch-screen smartphones Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: xcodex ItemReviewed: Touch-screen smartphones

Samsung Omnia II (Verizon Wireless)

the Samsung Omnia II is now available from Verizon Wireless for $199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate. The successor to the Samsung Omnia has been hotly anticipated for months, but in that time several excellent touch-screen smartphones have come to Verizon, such as the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris, making us wonder if Samsung waited too long to release the device. However, after spending a couple of days with the Omnia II, we can say that the Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone certainly has earned a spot in our hearts, distinguishing itself from the competition with excellent multimedia capabilities. Samsung has done a nice job of revamping its TouchWiz interface, bringing more customization options and making Windows Mobile easier to use for consumers, though business users might find the more sophisticated and streamlined HTC Sense user interface on the HTC Imagio more attractive. That said, the Samsung Omnia II is certainly a worthy upgrade for current Omnia owners or any Verizon customers looking for an advanced multimedia smartphone.
Description: Samsung Omnia II (Verizon Wireless) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: xcodex ItemReviewed: Samsung Omnia II (Verizon Wireless)

HP Pavilion dm3-1002 Review and Spec

If there's a burgeoning trend in laptops these days, it's not just inexpensive, low-voltage 12-inch ultraportables, but also 13-inch (and larger) notebooks dropping their optical drives and going ultralow-voltage as well. The HP dm3 is categorized as a thin-and-light, but at first glance it doesn't appear to be significantly thinner than the new polycarbonate white MacBook. Clad in brushed aluminum inside and out, it definitely cuts a solid, professional profile. This is a successor to HP's recent 12-inch Pavilion dv2 in spirit, HP's thin-and-light that we reviewed back in the spring. This model, however, has a ULV Intel Core 2 Duo processor instead of an AMD Neo.

Description: HP Pavilion dm3-1002 Review and Spec Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: xcodex ItemReviewed: HP Pavilion dm3-1002 Review and Spec
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