Thursday, February 28, 2008

mp3-in-United-stated-and teenager

The interest bought CD music in the United States adolescent (the USA) increasingly descended together with the brightness pengunduhan the digital song via the internet.
According to the NPD Group report, a bureau of the market researcher, almost half or 48 percent United States youth no longer are interested in buying CD music last 2007.

This number increased was drastic enough because beforehand during 2006, just 38 percent US youth that reluctantly bought CD music as the friend of entertainment.
This phenomenon happened because even more the adolescent that chose mengunduh the song via the internet, both in a legal and illegal manner.
According to the NPD data, the number of buyers of legal music from the online musical shop like iTunes, increased by 21 percent to 29 million in 2007.
Beforehand during 2006, the amount just reached 24 million.
The jump of the purchase of online music legal this was well for the musical industry to more reinforced his internet business, when the CD sale went straight plummeted.
Pengunduhan illegal that had an interest taken in him by many people also made their income increasingly descended.
The CD popularity music indeed increasingly worsened in AS. according to the agency data of Nielsen SoundScan, the CD sale in the USA descended 19 percent in 2007 compared to 2006.
In the meantime, the sale of digital music in various medias, increased by 45 percent in the same period.
), the first position of the online musical shop was still being held by Wal Mart was followed by Apple iTunes and BestBuy.
Therefore, Apple iTunes succeeded in straddling Best Buy that originally sat in the second
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